25-year-old, Dublin-born Jack Casey first got into music when he started learning guitar at 10 years old. By 15, he was writing music and playing in bands. Entirely self-taught, Jack’s musical interests always stretched beyond the guitar. Eventually, he discovered dance music and immersed himself in the progressive end of the dance music spectrum, attracted by the subtleties and intricate melodies.

He first discovered electronic music via Deadmau5 - specifically the anthemic “I Remember” and he was hooked instantly. It’s always been progressive house and the more melodic side of dance music that’s inspired him. “I went through lots of different phases growing up,” he explains. “Early teens, I loved metal, rock whatever you wanna call it. I used to constantly wear this Slipknot hoodie which my dad used to joke needed to be surgically removed. I became obsessed with The Stone Roses in my later teens, then once I started listening to artists like Daft Punk and Deadmau5, I completely shifted to electronic music.”

His productions combine high energy house and techno with subtle nuances, and always with a focus on melody. EMBRZ’s own productions sit at the more melodic end of the dance music spectrum. “I always try to keep an emotion in my sound,” he says. “But I want to display it in different ways. Be that in something soft and slow paced or something with high energy.”

After getting to grips with the software and making music for his own enjoyment, he decided to share some of his productions with friends and family. It was then that he found an early taste of success. Once he’d uploaded his first batch of tracks, he very quickly started to get some attention. “I didn’t set out to make a career out of this,” he explained. “I just wanted to finish some songs, put them up on SoundCloud and share them with some friends.” Still, those early productions gained a lot of traction, a whole load of reposts and even some press coverage. Hilly Dilly described “Slow Down” as clear highlight of his collection. “I remember there was this moment after I finished writing ‘Slow Down’, I said to myself ‘this is it, this the sound I’ve been looking for.”

Later, he found even more success with two massive official remixes. Ellie Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You” (currently on over 6.6 million plays) in 2013 and then The 1975’s “Settle Down” (currently on 3 million) the following year. Both remixes showed his versatility as a producer, not to mention an instinct for melody.

Continuing that run, last year Jack turned out a stunning, blissful remix of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Run Away With Me” - a remix so good her label couldn’t say yes fast enough and which ultimately became the official remix for the track. Since then, he’s been uploading a steady stream of melodic club heaters, including well-received cuts like “Home”, “Lights” and then “Breathe” last year.